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Continuous Monitoring Products and Services

With limited federal budgets and resources, the Kratos Team’s focus is on helping agencies leverage their existing investments already in place to rapidly bolster their security posture. The goal is to integrate individual heterogeneous security systems and departments to an enterprise-wide and real-time perspective. 

From data gathering to workflow assignment, the Kratos Team’s comprehensive approach addresses the real-time threat detection requirements of the CDM program by:

  • Data Gathering – Gathering threat information from disparate and siloed systemsKratos CDM Architecture
  • Standards – Applying federal, departmental and agency guidance to minimize the number of successful cybersecurity attacks
  • Analysis – Correlating and analyzing large volumes of data
  • Scoring – Reporting on an organization’s security posture through the use of metrics and measurements
  • Dashboards – Delivering a graphical visualization of the most critical cyber risks and prioritizing remediation
  • Workflow – Automating manual and time-consuming processes and accelerating remediation efforts

CDM and CMaaS Products and Services
Our cybersecurity products come from industry leading vendors, including Microsoft, McAfee, Dell, ForeScout, Red Seal Networks, Veracode and Xceedium.

Our cybersecurity services include support for:

  • CDM dashboards 
  • Training and consulting in CDM governance 
  • Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) and system certification. 
In addition, Microsoft provides exclusive consulting services and Dell delivers security services in support of the contract.

Video: Kratos SecureInfo CDM Solution

Kratos SecureInfo CDM Solution Video

Find out how to capitalize on your existing CDM efforts.

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