Continuous Monitoring as a Service
Enhance Your IT Security Posture with Continuous Monitoring
In today's evolving threat landscape, periodic security assessments providing a snapshot in time of a federal organization's security posture is not enough. The Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) and Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) Program is addressing the challenge by helping agencies move away from historical compliance reporting toward combating threats in real-time.

Team Kratos: Microsoft, McAfee, Dell & More

The Kratos Team, including Microsoft, Dell, McAfee, as well as other industry leading technology and small business partners, was selected by DHS to help protect government networks by providing CMaaS.

Leveraging its combined strength in security expertise, products and services, the Kratos Team helps agencies replace the traditional once a year "snapshot" assessment with ongoing monitoring of security systems providing a faster and more cost-effective approach.

A Faster and More Cost-Effective Approach to CMaaS
Kratos SecureInfo leads the team as a proven provider of full lifecycle continuous monitoring solutions. As the architect and security lead for the CMaaS offering, Kratos SecureInfo works with industry leading tools and service providers, including Microsoft, Dell, McAfee and ForeScout, that have proven success meeting the continuous monitoring needs of the federal government.

Delivering Rapid and Cost Effective CMaaS
The Kratos Team has the comprehensive skills and experience to build, operate and maintain a CMaaS offering that delivers the following benefits:
  • Reduced costs – optimize your existing and significant investments in Microsoft, Dell and McAfee software and hardware as part of our enterprise CMaaS architecture
  • Accelerated deployment – minimize long deployment cycles by leveraging existingKratos CDM Architecture security technologies and integrating others to rapidly boost your security posture
  • Centralized visibility – gain a single view of your security posture for the entire enterprise
  • Improved efficiency – automate manual tasks to reduce costs and increase time savings
  • Enhanced security management – reduce the risk of threats and increase efficiency with real time performance metrics across your entire environment

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Video: Kratos SecureInfo CDM Solution

Kratos SecureInfo CDM Solution Video

Find out how to capitalize on your existing CDM efforts.

Kratos Technology & Training Solutions, Inc. (KTTS) holds a contract for the DHS CDM Program.

Kratos SecureInfo is KTTS' dedicated cybersecurity group leading the team's DHS CDM effort.

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